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Providing adequate and well-distributed heating in a warehouse can be tricky at the best of times. If you don’t get it right, your employees could be left shivering and you might also be faced with a much larger energy bill than you should be.

Old heater units may not be operating to their full capacity, meaning that they are gobbling up fuel while not providing much heat at all! Many antiquated systems also have faulty control systems, or even no controls whatsoever. A brand new system with a digital, optimised control facility will enable you to set the time your heating system comes on and off, as well as regulating the temperature, potentially saving you a fortune on your fuel bills.

In addition, an evenly-heated space is particularly beneficial if you have staff working all day in your warehouse, especially in the winter months when coughs and colds are rife; warm, comfortable working conditions can really help to reduce staff sickness levels.

Warm air heating

Warm air heating is one option for keeping your warehouse premises warm. Warm air heaters circulate heated air around the warehouse, effectively warming your workforce and keeping environmentally-vulnerable stock at an even temperature, whatever the weather conditions outside.

Warm air heaters can be fuelled via natural gas, LPG or oil-fired burners fitted within the body of the heater.  Warm air heater units can be either wall mounted, suspended or freestanding.

Our company has been servicing and maintaining heating solutions for our clients’ warehouse, factory, and industrial premises since 1988. Our technicians have many years experience in working on many different makes and styles of warm air heaters, and we’re also agents for many of the world’s top brands, including:

• Powrmatic
• Benson
• Ambirad
• Reznor
• Combat
• Roberts Gordon
• Winterwarm
• Pakaway

Looking for service and repair of existing warm air heaters?

We offer a wide range of service and maintenance packages. Click here for more information.

Old, outdated controls?

Many older appliances that are still in use may be running ineffectively and inefficiently due to old outdated control systems - sometimes no controlls at all!  Why not contact us to upgrade your system with a new digital, optimised controller. With both time and temperature control you could save £££'s on your fuel bills.