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Energy efficient radiant heating solutions from Heventech

One of the most energy efficient types of heating available on the market today, radiant tube heaters, manufactured by Schwank, Ambirad, Space-Ray, Powrmatic and Black Heat, take advantage of the natural way heat is distributed. Unlike more traditional commercial heating systems, a radiant heater does not utilise forced air circulation. Instead, radiant heaters work via tubing that is strategically suspended from your buildings ceiling or walls.

Gas radiant heaters installed in commercial properties are powered by either mains natural gas or LPG propane, and once up and running, allow for radiant energy to travel from the heaters themselves to all directions below the heater. As a result, large spaces can be heated for optimal comfort, without going overboard on cost.

Let's take a look at some of the biggest benefits of radiant heating solutions below:

Energy efficient

Radiant heaters tend to be more efficient than other traditional commercial heating methods (such as warm air). For example, with forced-air heating you lose up to 30% of heat due to ductwork, making radiant heating a much less wasteful solution. And because you're only heating the people and objects within a space and not the air around them, you're using far less energy on a day-to-day basis.

Ultimate comfort

Gas radiant heaters tend to be one of the most comfortable and natural-feeling solutions on the market, as the technology acts in a similar way to the sun heating your body, and can generate heat of up to 650°C which results in a nicely heated working area. This means the occupants inside your commercial property are kept warm and comfortable during work hours.

A clean, effective system

Radiant heating solutions are practically hypoallergenic, and because the air isn't forced, there's no need for filters to protect you from the dust and allergens a forced air system will circulate around your commercial property.

Super quiet

Another big bonus of radiant heaters is that they're much quieter than other systems, with no loud and disruptive fans to worry about. The chances are, if you install radiant tube heaters in your commercial property, you won't even notice they're there.

Cost effective

Because radiant gas heaters are so energy efficient, they provide a more cost effective solution than a lot of traditional systems. They're relatively simple to install, and can keep your heating and running costs down; they're particularly cost effective for heating large, spacious buildings with poor insulation.


Radiant tube heaters are compatible with natural mains gas or LPG, so you can choose the option which best suits your commercial property - be it a factory, warehouse, sports hall, vehicle workshop, school or church hall.

Easy zoning

Zoning is extremely easy with radiant heaters, so you can control the temperature of different areas of your commercial property or hall via multiple room sensors. This level of control means you'll also potentially save even more money on running and operating costs.

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