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Situated in a converted 3,250m² engineering facility, Base Jump is the largest trampoline park in the South East of England, with 175 person capacity and the first in the UK to have trampoline ‘half pipe’.

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After taking over an old engineering warehouse space in Rayleigh, Jason Hall of BaseJump contacted Heventech Mechanical Services Ltd to carry out an inspection on the existing heating system that had been left in the building.

“The metal construction of the facility means that heat losses are quite high so we need heating in the winter, but when we moved in the existing heaters were not working. We therefore contacted Heventech to propose a solution.”

Jason Hall - Basejump Manager

After a quick inspection our engineers soon realised that the old Ambirad unit heaters would not be suitable for use in the building going forward.  Years of engineering oil had built up on the back of the fans causing a the heaters to emit a nasty smoke when fired up.

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After advising Jason of our findings, he asked us to provide a new heating solution, suitable for the new business.  

“We identified that four Powrmatic NVx warm air heaters would provide sufficient capacity to replace the previous six heaters in the building. These have been mounted along one wall and, combined with the existing destratification fans, provide even temperature distribution throughout the space. It was also important that we could provide a solution very quickly to ensure the facilities were up and running on schedule, so Powrmatic’s ability to deliver quickly from its factory in Somerset was also a key factor.” 

Lee Wilkinson - Heventech


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The NVx warm air heaters at Base Jump are controlled by a Powrmatic MC200 on each unit to maintain a minimum temperature of 15°C, which is supplemented by body heat from the activities in the space – capable of raising the temperature by another 4-5°C. The controller also provides the option of free cooling in the summer using outside air.


“Since the new system was installed we have enjoyed a very pleasant environment and the controls are very easy to use, so we are very happy with the service provided by both Heventech and Powrmatic.”

Jason Hall - Basejump Manager
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